Deno in Docker on Google Cloud Run

This weekend I read a lot about Deno, “A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript.” It’s built on V8 and Rust, by Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js and it would basically ‘fix’ many things that are ‘wrong’ about Node.js and would be a “fun and productive scripting environment”.

It intrigued me, so I took a first look 😊

Playing around

After some playing and reading (this is an amazing source!) I figured it would be nice to have an easy starting point for a Deno project running inside Docker and also on Google Cloud Run.

Deno in Docker (on Cloud Run)

I wanted to make a concrete example of Deno, running on Cloud Run. So I build just that. A “Hello world” of Deno, with a Dockerfile (that pre fetches all dependencies) to easily run it anywhere + deployment to Cloud Run.

You can see the result here: Of course with an easy single click deployment button 🎉